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The Inuit Woman Who Survived the Arctic Alone

Still, the unwarranted public criticism stung, and Blackjack vowed not to talk to reporters, a promise she kept for nearly 50 years and one that helped carry her into obscurity. She remarried and divorced twice and had another son, Billy. She nearly died from tuberculosis, dropped in and out of poverty, and led a quiet life herding reindeer, picking berries, hunting, and trapping. Blackjack died in Anchorage in 1983 at the age of 85. In her elderhood, Blackjack started to grant interviews, and her story resurfaces from time to time. “Some say she is the greatest heroine in Arctic history,” wrote a reporter in the Boston Globe in 1973. In the past 15 years, a couple books have memorialized her ordeal. Meanwhile, the expedition’s men died for naught. In 1924, Wrangel Island became part of Russia, which used it as a concentration camp for political prisoners and a training ground for KGB foreign agents, among other purposes.

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